We are excited to present 10+ panels on a wide range of transatlantic topics with outstanding speakers.

Below are some of the topics to look forward to.

Making or breaking transatlantic security

30 years ahead – The changing energy landscape and its implications on society

Taming the untamable – How to put Data Science and AI in their place

Female leadership – Breaking the glass ceiling

Hurdles to Growth – A transatlantic discussion about challenges faced by Startups

Engineering innovation – Bringing disruptive technologies to life

Happening now: Brexit

A seat at the table – Who is missing and how can we change that?

Fighting the Climate Crisis – Can technology, society, and politics save us?

Forward – Building An Apprenticeship System For Both Businesses and Communities

Medicine – There’s no free lunch in the new age of cancer therapy

The Fierce Urgency of Yesterday: Colonial Legacies in the US and Germany